There is nothing more remarkable than the love of a pet. It is hard for me to imagine a life without that kind of unconditional love. These two deserve a spot on the blog…because well…they are just so darn cute!

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Jack’s Hot Corn Dip…My Most Requested Recipe

In honor of the huge weekend of football we have ahead of us, I thought I would share my son Jack’s favorite dip recipe. When we think football food, this is it.  It truly is a recipe that has been requested from me over and over. We have tweaked this recipe that I found on Pinterest years ago. The original can be found here Hot Corn Dip. The first time I made this was for a family get together but before I knew it I had eaten half of the thing along with my sister in law. The crusty cheese bits on the edge just reel you in. Once you have succumbed to it, you find yourself hovering around the dish saying ” Just one more bite.” Walking away takes the will of a God.  It truly is a joy to bring to a gathering because it provides much entertainment. Just sit back and watch which one of the guests has been overtaken by its charm. They usually are not very far away from it. It always makes me giggle! You will definitely not bring any of this home with you. So if you love it as we do…you better make a double batch:) Go Knights!!


Jack’s Hot Corn Dip

Fantasy Football Baby!

Football is a big deal in this house. All 3 of the kiddos play. My oldest is on the Sophomore team, my middle is on a 10u team and its my youngest’s first year of flag. We spend all our time lately going to or coming from football. Which I dearly love! Is there any sport better? And if that wasn’t enough…then there is Fantasy Football to add to the mix.  I currently run our family league which is appropriately named  “The Family Feud”.  My team already has taken a hit with injuries in week 2. A torn meniscus Adrian Peterson??? Really? Danny Woodhead a torn ACL? I have several others that are either out or doubtful. I feel like it is going to be a long season. Let me get on the waiver wire asap!  However, something I have learned along the way is to stay vigilant.   For the past two seasons the ladies have done very well in our league. I have often wondered why this is? Are we just lucky?

The dudes in our league OBVIOUSLY know more about football than we do. I mean come on they have been watching and/or playing since they were young lads. I only began to understand it when my oldest started playing 10 years ago.  Maybe the guys overthink things. Uh…no…that can’t be it. My thoughts are maybe that the ladies really research the players. Every year I have made the playoffs with half of the team I started out with. But somehow along the way I picked up players that were studs! That was the year of Eddie Lacy. He was very good to me. Yes, yes, he was.

My method for picking up players was blown after the season last year. My husband once again didn’t make the playoffs(hee hee) and has never won the pot(we only put in $20 a team so nothing extravagant). In seeing how frustrated my husband was I told him my little secret. I look at the research category and click the +/- tab. This shows the changes in ownership. A high plus percentage and this girl is all over it! I mean all those fantasy football users can’t be wrong can they? I truly thought that everyone knew this? Duh! Well apparently he did not look that deep into it. Sometimes watching ESPN may not be enough.  Another one of my tricks is to go to fantasypros. They help me figure out who to start and who to bench. They are not always right…but usually I have good luck.

I am thinking that this year may not be my year. Although I have taken a hard hit early we will see if my method pans out later. I will update and let you know:) Either way I still love to watch the games…I have a purpose now.  How genius? All these women who never watched football are now as into it as their spouses. Football is on! Get out of my chair and give me a beer!