Burlap Christmas Wreath

I have just discovered I have a new skill! We can add wreath-maker to my list of accomplishments. Truth is that I absolutely hate buying wreaths. They are always expensive and they are never what I like. I just knew there had to be something out there I would like so as usual I went to pinterest to check it out. I absolutely fell in love with a burlap version I saw on there.  Simple, natural, rustic…all the things I love in a wreath. Well I had kept that wreath in the back of my mind for a good month thinking I would finally get my act together and attempt one before the holidays.

As football season drew to a close and we prepared for our end of season party I was trying to think of something really nice to give to all our team moms. I wanted to give them something more heartfelt than just a gift card— I wanted them to know how much I appreciated all that they did for our team–and they did alot! I thought what could be better than something homemade?  Of course 1 day before the party I remember the burlap wreath. I hurried out and bought all the supplies I would need at Michaels and raced home to begin my marathon wreath making session.

Once home I pulled up the you tube video on how to make the darn thing and as usual my phone dies. I go get the computer and it is uploading new updates…so I turn to the ipad and it too was not working. That’s my life. I ended up watching one video and so I thought how hard could it be? After several attempts at trying and frustrated I just decided to give it a go…just make the damn thing!  Well after about 30 minutes of weaving burlap in and out of the wire form I decided it didn’t look half bad! I whipped out 2 wreaths in about 3 hours…it was a miracle. Beside sore fingers (who knew burlap was so rough) I was just thrilled!

I decorated each one with Christmas greenery and berries and a letter monogram. Now this is something I would hang on my door. I have yet to make myself one because I just can’t wait to make these as Christmas gifts for my family. I now just might have a new profession! Wreaths anyone? I am now taking orders!


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