Cleatless with Blisters

Here goes my rant.¬†Normally this is not in my nature but I am so frustrated trying to find football cleats for my son. I have searched the internet high and low to no avail. About a month ago we stopped at a large sporting goods store hoping and praying, that they might have something that would fit. This is ofcourse nothing new to us, my son just might have the widest paddles(saw someone post this and I loved it) in the world. We found a size 15 wide and we were ecstatic! He loved them and thought they were so comfortable…until he actually started practicing in them.

The problem is that he needs extra wide. Where are these cleats? I mean come on…what do those large lineman wear in college or the NFL. Is there some secret cleat shop that caters only to them? My son now has the most painful blisters…which aren’t just blisters…they are blisters on top of blisters! I really wasn’t sure that was possible but trust me it is! I ofcourse said, “No pain, No gain.” ¬†Which made him wince more. The truth is that he shouldn’t have to suffer. I spent all morning searching all the big footed shops I could find on the internet and found nothing. I would love to hear from some wide paddled people out there… where do you find these cleats?