Bent Apple Tree

     Nature has its own way of creating magic out of imperfection. When we first moved into this house I immediately noticed an apple tree out back that had been left to its own devices and the trunk was bent way to the right. I walked around that tree and thought, it’s not going to make it. We will have to cut it down. Easy enough.  That first year we didn’t get many apples off that tree. It was due to a late spring cold snap and the blossoms shriveled and died within days. Oh well, we are going to cut it down anyway. Easy enough.

     We let the tree go through the summer as we got busy with the new house and the kids summer activities. Although it was never far from my mind. I watched it sway, top-heavy, as the summer storms tested the strength of its roots. You could see the earth at the base heave with every gust.  Before I knew it, fall had arrived. This would be the perfect time to cut it down before it came down on its own. I don’t know really why but I just couldn’t end this tree, relieve it of its imperfection. I began to realize I was growing quite fond of it.  So instead of cutting it down I trimmed all the large heavy branches off the right side. Easy enough.

     Five years later I am still admiring this tree.   It has come to remind me of our own family and all its imperfections. The bent main trunk has three strong branches which reminds me of my three boys. Each one different; ambling about in their own direction. The roots too, have grown deeper and provided more stability. Sometimes all we need to do is prune a little, and just appreciate things for what they are. Easy enough.


familyphotoforblogI am KP. The mother of 3 crazy boys, wife to an extremely witty LEO husband, fur mama to two cutie pa-tootie pups. My youngest has just entered kindergarten and now what am I to do? I am 41(when did that happen)  and I thought “Hey, I need something to fill up 4 hours in a day.”  I truly have loved growing up and raising my boys in the Midwest. Where it is all about family, food, football, and learning to enjoy the simple things in life. Common sense and humor are what get us through the day.