Monical’s Pizza: Sweet & Tart Dressing

I was so excited a couple of weeks ago when my mom and dad came for a visit and  brought me something very very special. This coveted item below.

Monical’s Sweet & Tart Dressing

If you have never had it on their delicious thin crust pizza then you aren’t living in the Midwest. Living in Central Illinois you might take this wonderful concoction for granted. I sure did. Even up here by Chicago you cannot find a Monical’s Pizza (wishing and praying that changes someday!) My son likes to eat it on mashed potatoes—he is a goombah. It is actually dressing, so I am guessing it would be good on salad too!  But what is wonderful is that you can order this delicious sauce-y sauce online here. Since we don’t have a Monical’s pizza close to us, we use it on just about every other pizza we buy.  The closest I can come to Monical’s up here is probably Connie’s Pizza. I can find their frozen pizzas at most grocery stores.1_small

But if you are ever driving through Illinoisor Indiana and are craving pizza try to find a Monical’s  near you. I bet you will love the dressing as much as our family does! Go check out their pinterest page for recipes too.